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“The Arts Institute was my passion in high school and shaped me into the person I am. I am forever grateful and confident I will give back in the future to support other young, creative minds.” -Blaze Bautista, Former Student and Scholarship Recipient 2018

“We must include the arts in the education of all students if we want our children prepared for the challenges of life and work in our global society. The challenges of today, and most certainly of tomorrow, require the abilities, skills, habits, and knowledge that education in the arts is uniquely able to provide.” -Kent Seidel, Executive Director, Alliance for Curriculum Reform, University of Cincinnati

“We live in a creativity economy where people with creative skills are more valued than ever before.” -Nik Hafermaas, Art Center College of Design

“The reality of life in the 21st century is that the skills associated with artistic practices – creative thinking, self-discipline, collaboration, and innovation – are skills that are in great demand. In fact, in our rapidly changing global economy, the skills the arts teach may be mandatory for everyone’s success.” -Robert Lynch, President and CEO, Americans for the Arts

Friends of The Arts Institute
at Palm Springs High School
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